Date Picker

The Date Picker format requires the signee to choose a date from a calendar module. 

Fill in the fields to configure the File upload question:

  1. Question: Enter the question here (required)
  2. Description: If the question requires further explanations write them here (optional)
  3. Date Format: The date can be rendered into the document in a number of formats. Select how you would like the date to appear in the final document.
  4. This field is required: By default all questions are required to be answered by the signee. If a question should be optional, uncheck this checkbox.
  5. Configure Start/End Date: Choose whether the signee can choose from all dates (past, present and future), only dates in the past (including today) or only dates in the future (including today).

Advanced field settings

  1. Data key: A Data key is automatically generated when you enter the question. The data key is used for delivering information between Taktikal and external systems, such as via integration, webhooks and API. These Data Keys need to be unique but can be changed here. We advise using caution when changing Data Keys if the connection to the external system has already been made, since changes to the Data Key will cause errors in delivery unless the same change is made to the Data Key in the other system.


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