Automations is a group of automatic tasks that trigger after the signee has signed the document. Some automations are only available to a subset of customers based on industry or regulation. 

Automations may incur an additional fee, if so Taktikal will notify the user before connecting the automation to the SmartFlow.

To add an automation click the "+Automation" button in the SmartFlow designer.

A list of automatic tasks available to you will appear. Click the appropriate automation to see more information about it and then click "enable" to add the automation to the SmartFlow.


Company Registry Comparison Report

This automation fetches data from the Icelandic Business Registry (through Keldan) about the procurators, board members and ultimate beneficial owners of the company as well as information about the company's address and activities. The data is then compiled into a report and compared with the information about procurators and ultimate beneficial owners that the signee provided in the SmartFlow, highlighting all disparities. The report is delivered to the company using the delivery methods that have been configured in the SmartFlow.

This automation requires the SmartFlow to have three different question formats to be able to function properly. The question formats are:

  1. Company lookup (either in Setup information or in Questionnaire Page)
  2. Procurators
  3. Ultimate Beneficial Owners

PEP & Sanctions Lookup

This automation checks if the SmartFlow signee is present in global lists of politically exposed persons, sanctions and adverse media for themselves, or for individuals connected to them. The results are a pdf report with the findings, whether the person was found or not.

If you want to perform automatic PEP & Sanctions lookup on other individuals in the SmartFlow, such as procurators or Ultimate Beneficial owners, contact and we'll configure that for you, as it is not yet available in self service.

To read more about the PEP & Sanctions databases click here.


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