Setup information

Setup information is data filled out by the sender before the SmartFlow is sent to the signee.

Setup information can be referenced within the SmartFlow both from the introduction page and the document template.

If Setup information is added to a SmartFlow it can no longer be signee initiated, instead it must be sent to a signee by a user.

To add Setup information click the "+ Setup information" button.


Setup information is one or more section containing one or more questions.

To add your first section click the "+ Add section" on the preview side (left side) of the window.


Write the name of the section on the editor side (right side) of the window.

Click the "+Add field to section" button to add a question to the section.

Choose the applicable question format for the question.

Write the question in the question field on the editor side and any other applicable data depending on the chosen question format. Choose if the sender should be required to fill out the information or if it should be optional.

If you want to add another question to the section click the "+Add field to section" button.

If you want to add another section click the "+Add section" button.

Remember to click "save" once you're done.

That's it, you have added Setup information to your SmartFlow. 

You can edit it at any time by clicking the "Setup information" element in your SmartFlow

The sender of the SmartFlow will be prompted to fill in the information before sending the SmartFlow to a signee. If any of the questions were marked as required, they will not be able to send the SmartFlow without first answering the question.

If you want to remove the Setup information from the flow you must delete every section from the setup information by choosing a section on the preview side and clicking the trashcan icon in the top right corner of the editor side. Then click save.

To delete a question choose the applicable question on the preview side and click the trashcan icon in the top right corner of the editor side.

You can move questions between sections and reorder questions within sections by clicking the six grey dots on the left side of the question on the preview side and dragging it to the right position.

Remember to save before closing


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