User management

User management is the place where you can configure settings related to users and contacts. This is also where you can add new users, modify existing users roles and block existing users.

The User Management page has three different sections:

To access the user management page click your profile in the top right corner and click settings.

Click the Users tab in Settings to manage user accounts.


Enable shared contacts

By default any contact that a user creates in Taktikal is private to that user. This means that other users are not able to see who the user has created as a user and possibly sent signing requests to. 

For some companies it can be desirable to share contacts lists within the company. This can be done by enabling shared contacts. This setting will apply to all users and all contacts within the company and can not be undone.

When this setting is first turned on, all contacts are combined into one list. If a contact was present for more then one user, that contact is merged into one contact, provided that all applicable information about the contact is the same (phone number, email, name and ssn). If any of the information is not the same, both contacts will remain in the shared contact list.

After this has been enabled any updates made to contacts or contact groups will be reflected across the company.

Enabling this feature will not share access to documents or the activity log associated with
the contact.

Self sign up for users

The self signup option allows individuals that have an email address that ends with the company domain i.e. to sign up for a user account themselves, provided that they have access to the self signup link. 

This allows companies to make a self signup link available to their employees and they can sign up for a user account without the involvement of Company Administrators. These users will be granted the user role by default, but their roles can be modified by a Company Administrator after signup.


The users section shows a list of all users and their roles. It is also where you can:

Add user

To add a new user click the "+ Add User" button.

Fill in the users name and email address (and ssn if using the .is portal). The user needs to have a unique email address.

If the same individual already has an account with Taktikal for that email you can still create a user account for them by adding "+[some text]" before the @ symbol. Example:

You do not need to create this email for the person in your email server, the email server
will ignore the +[some text] when receiving emails associated with the account.

Edit user / Update user roles

To edit user roles or deactivate a user, select the three grey dots on the right and click update roles.

Here you can activate or deactivate the users roles. Available roles are:

  • Administrator
    • User Management
    • Modify company settings (i.e. branding, subscription, billing)
    • SmartFlows role
    • Fill & Sign role
  • Fill & Sign
    • Create and edit Fill & Sign documents
  • View Flow Activity
    • View the activity log for all SmartFlows and Fill & Signs where the signee starts the flow (no access to SmartFlows that other users have sent directly to signees)
  • SmartFlows
    • Create, edit and publish SmartFlows
  • View activity for other users
    • View the activity log of all other users within the Company


Deactivate / Block users

To deactivate a user account, select the three grey dots on the right and click deactivate account.

Click "Deactivate account" to finish deactivating the user account.

The user account will still be visible in the user list, but it will show as inactive.

The account can be reactivated by selecting the three grey dots on the right and clicking activate account.


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