Branding settings

To configure Company Branding click your profile in the top right corner and click settings.

Click the Branding tab in Settings to configure the branding for the company. The branding tab is only visible to Company Admins.

Here you can upload an image for the company logo and choose between three different logo sizes, as displayed in a preview of a signing page on the left side of the screen.

Only png formats that don't exceed 1200 pixels in width are accepted.

You can also input the company brand color in HEX code. This color will be used as the primary color for signing pages and other UI for the end user.

If you don't know the hex color code you can use Google to help you extract it



Branding in portal

Customers on a Business subscription can also select to apply the branding for their employees.  The portal will no longer display the Taktikal logo and colors when turned on. In favor of your branding.


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