Company settings

Settings is a place to configure settings for the company account. 

The settings page has 7 different tabs:

Only Company Admins can see all 7 tabs. 

This article will cover the settings in the Company tab. 

To go to settings click the down arrow next to your company name in the top right corner.

Click "Settings".

You will automatically see the Company Settings in the first tab. 

The company settings include basic information about the company, such as contact information as well as subscription type and billing settings.


Contact Information

You can change the contact information for the company here, by clicking the field you want to change, changing the information and clicking the save button.

You can also add an email address for the companies privacy officer, who will receive notifications if a customer wishes to use their privacy related acts. For more information about how Taktikal handles privacy, please see your Data Protection Agreement.

Display name of SMS Sender

You can also edit the name that is displayed when Taktikal sends SMS's with signing requests on behalf of your company.




The Subscription plan section displays information about the company's current subscription plan and provides the option to change the subscription plan. To change the subscription plan click "Change subscription"

You can see a full comparison of subscription plans by clicking "more on subscription plans". 

Next choose the new subscription plan and click "Select".

After clicking the new subscription click "continue" to finalize the change. The change will be reflected in your next invoice starting with the day it was activated. Therefore the first invoice after a change of subscription may show two different subscriptions, the old subscription for the days leading up to the change and the new subscription for the day of the change and all following days in the month. 


The Invoice section of the company settings includes two settings, the type of electronic invoice to be sent. This can either be a claim automatically sent to your bank account (only in Iceland) or an electronic invoice.

Invoices can also be sent to an inbox in a pdf format.


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