Introduction to SmartFlows

SmartFlows is the most adaptable solution in Taktikal's product range. The solution can be adapted to the appearance and internal processes of companies and can be integrated in apps and websites.

What are SmartFlows?

SmartFlows is a flexible, intuitive workflow designer in a no-code environment that conforms to the company's branding.

It streamlines data collection from signees via forms as well as from integrations with external data sources and migrates the data into a document.

The signee signs the final document and the signed document along with the data fields are delivered directly to the company via email, webhooks, API or one of several integrations.

Further automations can be configured to fetch additional data based on the answers provided by the user and deliver them with the signed document.

SmartFlows can be initiated by the signee in self service mode by embedding the SmartFlow on a website or in an app. It can also be initiated by a Taktikal user by sending the workflow directly to the signee.

Documents and screens for signature gathering are rendered in both HTML and PDF in real time, which produces great flexibility in showing live data and connecting to databases and checklists for contracts and documents.


How SmartFlows work

SmartFlows includes several different components that together create a flow. The components run in the following order.

  • Setup Information- where the sender of the SmartFlow can fill in some information that will be used later in the SmartFlow.
  • Greeting email - the first point of contact with the signee, includes a button with a link to the start screen
  • Start screen - This screen tells the signee what this SmartFlow is all about 
  • Forms - Here you can ask the signee to fill in data that will be displayed in the document
  • The document template - This is the heart of the SmartFlow - here all the data is gathered into a document that the signee signs digitally.
  • Confirmation screen - The final screen that lets the signee know that he has finished signing.
  • Automations - Add automations to fit your needs, like PEP lookups or reports that gets delivered to you with the document
  • Delivery methods - Get the documents delivered to you in an email, webhook or through an integration

Many of these components are optional based on the settings you choose, such as if the SmartFlow will be sent to specific signees, or if they will be made available to signees in self service mode by embedding them to your website. 


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