Displaying a SmartFlow

A SmartFlow can be displayed on a website or in an app with an i-frame. 

See technical directions for i-frames.


The colors of the SmartFlow are inherited from the branding settings on the Company settings page.


The language of the SmartFlow determines the language that appears in the buttons of the SmartFlow. Supported languages are English (en-us) and Icelandic (is). The language can be set in the SmartFlow settings.

Initial data

It can be desirable to provide the initial data for some fields in a SmartFlow. If a SmartFlow that has setup information is i-framed, the data for the setup information needs to be provided in order to render the SmartFlow on the page.

The data required to start a SmartFlow are: 

  • For qualified signatures: phone, ssn, email
  • For advanced and standard signatures: name, email

If one of the above mentioned parameters is missing, a login page will be displayed to the signee to provide the information.

Configuration options

The i-frame can be configured in multiple ways:

  1. To skip the start screen
  2. To skip the confirmation screen
  3. To hide the header text
  4. To adjust its size to fit on the page

Technical Directions

To see the technical documentation for i-framing a SmartFlow see our docs page.

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