Creating a new SmartFlow

To create a new SmartFlow navigate to the SmartFlows tab on the left navigation bar and click the "Create SmartFlow" button.

If one or more SmartFlows have already been created you can create another one by clicking the "+ Add SmartFlow" tab

Next you must choose whether to create the SmartFlow using a predefined template or by starting from scratch.

Starting from template

Templates include predefilled document template, one or more forms, greeting and thank you pages, greeting email text, setup information and automations if applicable for that template. Templates do not have predefined delivery methods, so the user must decide how he wants the signed documents delivered to them before publishing. Everything in the templates can all be edited and new items added or removed from your SmartFlow. 

Starting from scratch

When starting from scratch, the SmartFlow will have default text in the greeting and thank you screens as well as the greeting email, but no forms, setup information, automations or delivery methods and the document template will be empty.


The final step in creating the SmartFlow is deciding on the name for the SmartFlow, the signature type and the language for the signing UI. The language selection will affect the language of the predefined email templates (which is editable) as well as the language of the user interface for the signee. You can edit the SmartFlow name and Signature type later.



Congratulations you have just created a SmartFlow!


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