The Portal

The Portal is the entry point for all of Taktikal's solutions and where user & account management occurs.

The portal includes the following tabs:

Drop & Sign

Drop & Sign is Taktikal’s solution for digital signing. Any PDF document can be uploaded and sent to one or more recipients to request their signature.

See Drop & Sign for a detailed description.


Activity Log

Information on activity, i.e. who initiated a process and when, as well as who signed what and when, for all processes from Drop & Sign, Fill & Sign and SmartFlows are displayed here.

Specific permission can be granted for a company administrator to see activity log of certain users within it's company. Contact us at to enable this permission.

See Activity log for a detailed description.


Fill & Sign

A list of all available Fill & Sign documents is displayed here with options to view its draft, download the PDF, or update its flow. Clicking on the flow will redirect to our Fill & Sign editor.

See Fill & Sign for a detailed description.

Adding a document to use with our Fill & Sign product.



SmartFlows is the most adaptable solution in Taktikal's product range. It is a flexible, intuitive workflow designer in a no-code environment that conforms to the company's branding and internal processes.

See SmartFlows for a detailed description.


Smart Forms

Smart Forms are an older version of SmartFlows that are programmed especially for each customer.

See Smart Forms for a detailed description.



Sealing allows you to seal a document with a Company Certificate. 

See Sealing for a detailed description.


PEP & Sanctions

See PEP & Sanctions for a detailed description.

Search results confirmation is available to download in PDF form.

See example:

Risk monitoring

Risk Monitoring is a dashboard view of Due Diligence SmartFlows that have been sent by the company.

The dashboard shows when the Due Diligence SmartFlow was sent, when it was answered and when it's time to resend a Due Diligence SmartFlow (based on the individuals risk category).

See Risk Monitoring for a detailed description.



A list of contacts is displayed here with options to change e-mail, phone number or delete a contact. Adding a contact is also done on this page.

When adding a contact, users can be added to groups which can be accesses throughout the application thus when specifying a person to send a document to, a group can then be selected instead to select multiple users at once.

These groups can then be viewed in the Groups tab.



Usage statistics are provided to give more of a detailed insight along with environmental statistics which can also be injected to your own website. See documentation

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