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All Fill & Sign Documents have a unique Public URL that they can be accessed at. These URLs look like so:

This link can be sent via Email or Direct Message. It can also be added to a website or a post on social media.

Setting language

If you would like to have the UI in English you can add the query parameter ?lng=en-us, resulting in:

Initial data

It can be desirable to provide the initial data for some fields in a Fill & Sign documents. This initial data can be provided by adding a query parameter called initialData to the url. The value has to be Base64UrlEncoded

const escape = (str: string) =>
str.replace(/\+/g, "-").replace(/\//g, "_").replace(/=/g, "");

const percentToByte = (p: string) =>
String.fromCharCode(parseInt(p.slice(1), 16));

export const base64urlEncode = (str: string) =>
escape(btoa(encodeURIComponent(str).replace(/%[0-9A-F]{2}/g, percentToByte)));

Then it can be subsequently used like this (given that you have a field called address in the form)

const fieldsToInitialize = base64urlEncode('{"address":"Test street 11"}');

Resulting in

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