Add to a Website

For each document you want to include, add a button element with the data-filekey attribute.

<button data-filekey="{{fileKey}}" class="btn">Fylla út skjal</button>

You should then add our utils.js script to pages where the user can open Fill & Sign documents.

<script src=""></script>

This script will do the following:

  1. Include the CSS for the modal that documents are opened in.
  2. Add click listeners to each element with a data-filekey attribute with a valid file key.
  3. Open the document when the elements are clicked.

The script should be included after elements with the data-filekey attribute.

<button data-filekey="{{fileKey}}">Open</button>

<script src=""></script>

Fill & Sign Smart Forms

If the Fill & Sign document has an associated Smart Form, you can add data-has-smartform to the same element, and the Smart Form will be opened instead of the Fill & Sign document.

<button data-filekey="{{fileKey}}" data-has-smartform>Open</button>

Initial data

It can be desirable to provide the initial data for some fields in a Fill & Sign document. This initial data can be provided by adding data-initialdata to the element.

<button data-filekey="{{fileKey}}" data-initialdata='{"name":"John Smith"}'>


Add data-language to the button to set the language.

<button data-filekey="{{fileKey}}" data-language="en-us">Open</button>

The supported languages are is and en-us.

If data-language is not present, the language will be set to Icelandic.

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