Risk Monitoring

Risk Monitoring is a dashboard view of Due Diligence SmartFlows that have been sent by the company.

The dashboard shows when the Due Diligence SmartFlow was sent, when it was answered and when it's time to resend a Due Diligence SmartFlow (based on the individuals risk category). 

Risk monitoring has two different views:

  1. Risk Monitoring - Individuals
  2. Risk Monitoring - Legal entities (coming soon)

Risk Monitoring - Individuals

Risk Monitoring for individuals lists up all individuals that have been sent a due diligence SmartFlow that has been connected to the Risk Monitoring Dashboard.

It also allows a user to categorise the risk associated with the individual and write reasoning behind that risk categorisation. 

The risk categories in Risk Monitoring are configured to match your internal risk categories as well as the due date for resending a Due Diligence SmartFlow, which can be set to different times for each risk category.

Connecting a SmartFlow to Risk Monitoring

If you would like one of your SmartFlows to connect to Risk Monitoring please contact help@taktikal.com with information about the Flow key of the SmartFlow you would like to connect, the risk categories and recurrence frequency for each risk category and Taktikal will configure it for you.

Individuals will appear in the Risk Monitoring Dashboard when a connected SmartFlow is sent to them, from the day the SmartFlow was connected to Risk Monitoring. To get a complete view of all individuals regardless of when they were last sent a due diligence questionnaire and whether that questionnaire was sent through SmartFlows or not, use the import feature.

Uploading individuals

To upload individuals navigate to the Risk Monitoring tab on the left navigation bar and click the "import individuals" button on the individuals tab.

Download the example document to see how the information needs to be formatted in order to be uploaded into Risk Monitoring. 

Gather all the applicable information into the excel sheet and upload it into Risk Monitoring by clicking the "import individuals button" and choosing xxx. If everything was correct you will get a message saying that all individuals have been imported.

If there was a problem with the import you will receive a notification noting which cells have issues. All rows that have no errors are imported automatically. 

Risk assessing individual

When an individual appears in the dashboard they will need to be risk categorised. To do so click the "Assess risk" button in the right end of the individuals row. 

Categorise the individual according to your internal risk assessment methodologies and choose the applicable risk score. 

If automatic PEP & Sanctions lookups are connected to the SmartFlow and the individual was found on such lists the results will need to be reviewed and the appropriate treatment selected:

  • If the individual is indeed PEP and management has approved of doing business with them, choose "Approved"
  • If the individual is indeed PEP but management does not approve of doing business with them, choose "Denied"
  • If the results do not match the individual choose "false positive"


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