The Questionnaire Page is the part of the SmartFlow that presents the signee with questions or information to fill in. The information can then be rendered in the document that the signee will sign. 

If the SmartFlow does not have a questionnaire, the signee will first see the introduction page and then proceed directly to signing a document.

A SmartFlow can have multiple questionnaire. When a SmartFlow has multiple questionnaire the signee will first see the introduction page, followed by each questionnaire page in order. Each questionnaire page has navigation buttons to "continue" and "go back".


Add a questionnaire page

To add a questionnaire page to the SmartFlow click the "Add questionnaire" button in the SmartFlow.

Choose a name for the questionnaire and write it in the title section. If you want, you can also add a subtitle. Click "Start adding questions".

The questionnaire editor is composed of two different panels, the preview panel to the left and the edit panel to the right. The title of the questionnaire is shown at the top along with a button to open the questionnaire settings.

To add another questionnaire page to the SmartFlow click the "+Add questionnaire" button on either side of the existing questionnaire page.

The questionnaire pages can be rearranged by dragging them within the SmartFlow Designer.


Add a question

To add a question to the questionnaire page click the "+Add question" button on the preview panel and choose a question format

Write the question in the top field on the editor panel. The question fields differ between different question formats although most include the following fields:

  • Question
    • Only required filed. Here you write the question the signee must answer.
  • Description
    • Optional text to include more directions to the signee about the question.
  • Type 
    • The question format. This can be changed for some question formats but for others the question must be deleted and a new question created with the alternate question format.
  • Placeholder
    • Optional text that appears in the input field for the signee, until they start writing the answer.
  • Required checkbox
    • When ticked the signee must answer this question, if unticked the signee can choose whether to answer the question or not.
  • Data key
    • The unique key for the question. Used when delivering the information from the SmartFlow via Integration, API or Webhook.
  • Other fields
    • For other fields, see question format to learn more about fields relating to a specific question format.

The only field that must be filled in is the question. All other fields are optional. All questions are by default set as required, but can be changed to optional by clicking the "This field is required" checkbox.


Questions can be deleted by clicking the trashcan icon in the top right corner on the editor panel.

To add a second question in the questionnaire. Click "+Add question" button in the preview panel.

Questions can be rearranged by dragging them on the preview panel.


Questionnaire settings

The questionnaire title and subtitle can be changed by clicking the settings icon in the preview panel.


The questionnaire settings is also where the entire questionnaire page can be deleted.


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