Introduction Page

The introduction page is the screen that greets the signee when they have clicked the button in the email (or link in an sms). The introduction page has a "continue" button on the bottom to help the signee navigate the SmartFlow.


When a SmartFlow is created an introduction page is automatically created using a default template.

To edit the contents of the introduction page open the Introduction page node from the SmartFlow designer.

Here the title and body of the introduction page can be edited. Items that have already been associated with the SmartFlow process, such as information about the signee (name of the signee, their National ID number (if qualified signature), their email address and phone number) or information from the SmartFlow (the name of the SmartFlow and the name of Your Company) as well as information from the Setup information (here shown as "My first Question") can be referenced in this introduction page.

To use these references simply click at the appropriate place in the text that you would like the reference to appear, and click the reference icon in the top banner.


The first line in the Introduction Page is a title (shown in bold).


This is what the introduction page looks like to the signee:


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